Tuesday, December 29, 2009

[The Phancy Shoe.Bag]

I've been wanting to make shoe bags for my bridesmaids so they can put their phancy shoes in there when they're wearing their flip flops.

I was going to make a simple, unlined drawstring bag, but then I came upon Happything's blog. So I decided at 11pm last night to start making it :)

I had bought burnt orange fabric for the outside and a leaf motif lining for the pop of pattern. I love how it turned out! I'm planning to screenprint/embroider/paint/iron-on an image or their names onto the front. (I'm obviously still undecided on technique.)

- Dimensions: 9.25' x 14.75'
- original cut of outside fabric = 10' x 32'
- original cut of lining = 10' x 14.5' (2 pieces)

- Burnt Orange cotton (Best Quilters)
- Leaf pattern in red/orange/gold (Keepsake Calico)
- Green grosgrain ribbon with side stitch (Offray)

It was a lot of fun...Now i gotta make 4 more :-P
I'll probably post my project on how I'll be decorating them, so you'll see this bag again.

Special thanks to Happythings for the tut!

{ PhancyBags: Market bag } - My First Real Bag!

So I've made plenty little bags before. They don't count, because they were poorly sewn, poorly constructed, and just well...not so great.

But this is my FIRST REAL BAG! No lining yet, but with fusible interfacing (yippee!) Is it sad that I'm so excited about interface? Maybe.
But WHO CARES? This is a REAL BAG! Not just a "stitch down 3 sides of fabric" bag!

So I present to you my "MarketBag" in which I can hold (limited) groceries, but it's great for everyday use.

-Medium weight (apparel) fusible interface
-Light cotton (Keepsake Calico) fabric
- Can fit over the shoulder or at normal arm's length
-X-stitched at strap for more durable attachment
- 1o' x 3.5' x 11' (LxWxH)
- Un-lined

Special thanks to Trina @ Joann's Fabrics and Eiko for coming along :)

What's in a name?

As a kid, I used to dream of creating things and having a company with my name on it. Even before I ever actually made anything tangible, I'd always bounce around ideas for the "company name and logo". (I swear I was a fun child, though...)There was just so many ways to use my last name and initials in words, that it'd be a waste not to!

I had names for my
-Dental office: Phantastic Smiles, Phantastic Dentistry
-Notecard company: [CAP]tion
-Art/photography company: [CAP]tivate
-Apparel company: Phancy
-Handbag company: Phanciful Bags
-Other arts/crafts: Little Phancies

Can you see a trend? My name is incorporated EVERYWHERE.
Vain? Possibly.
Phanciful? Yes ;-)

Although I've established no actual company, I'm surely on my way. And this little blog will be my evidence that I'm trying. I'm heading somewhere, even if it's not the big lights and the big labels. It's my own little haven of phancy little things.