Monday, October 18, 2010

{ PhancyBags: Flower Clutch }

So I took another sewing class to make this cute clutch with a flower detail. It was pretty confusing, and I doubt I'd be able to recreate it from the instructions that were given.  Even the teacher couldn't understand the poorly written instructions, and ended up giving us tips on how she did it instead.

In the end, it turned out really well and I'm glad I took the class. Just wish I could remember how to do it so that I can make them as gifts. Actually, what I need to learn is an EASIER way to make them :P

Originally, we were supposed to use zippers to make the flowers, but the contrasting fabric I chose ended up looking better. The zipper flowers were cute, but a little bulky and heavy for the linen fabric I used. [see photo below]

Materials used:
-Linen fabric for outside
-Medium Weight Interface
  (not heavy enough)
-Lining in a beautiful teal
  (photo shows blue)
-Magnetic clasps
-20" zippers (in gray and teal)

I want to find a pattern that has a zipper inside to close up the main compartment. But I'm not advanced enough gotta take more classes! It's definitely not bad...but again, practice makes perfect. :-P