Monday, December 20, 2010

{ PhancyFoods: Spicy Hot Cocoa Mix }

Happy Holidays!

Hot Cocoa anyone? I love hot chocolate, but sometimes I'm too lazy to stand in front of a stove and stir. So instead, I decided to make my own hot cocoa mix, based on Alton Brown's recipe.

They turned out to be perfect to give out as gifts for the holidays to my co-workers. I used the same jars as I did for the bath salts - they're just perfect for so many things! (I prefer the cylindrical jar for the cocoa, because it's easier to put on the label.)

So several batches later, I came up with a good, spicy "Mexican" hot cocoa recipe with cayenne pepper and cinnamon to give it a kick. Reminds me of Bittersweet Cafe in SF. *ahhh*

I layered the ingredients to make it cuter :) So I have the hot cocoa mix at the bottom, mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, and then mini-marshmallows on top. I decorated the jars with ribbon, tissue paper (stamped with a "P"), and some candy canes. Festive, oui?

They turned out really well. I had to use semi-dutched-processed cocoa (hard to find the good stuff). But found out that Penzeys has real dutch-processed cocoa powder! So I'll try that next year and maybe use the malted milk *yum*

Can't wait to have a mug full of chocolate, sit back on my recliner, and watch the snow fall in the warmth of my home :)

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