Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{ PhancyFun: A Block Printing Trial }

Many times I think to myself, "hrm...well, why not?"

And that's when I spend a load of $ on some new project because I think it would add to my repertoire of DIY knowledge.

In comes block-printing.
...something that I've wanted to do in the past, but never made the time for. I learned recently that I no longer need to chip away at wood, but I could carve out a stamp onto something that cuts "like buttah".

So again - why not?

Why not try it out? Why not buy all the supplies I need to create my own stamp? Why not pretend that I don't have an exam to study for? Why not indeed... ^_^

After a few hours figuring out the right way to do things, I present to you my Phancy Stamp. Sure, it's not crazy creative, but it was exactly what I needed for my projects.

Here's how I did it:
SpeedBall Blockprinting Kit
1 brayer
Water-soluble ink (black)
Linocutters (#1, 2, 5)
SpeedyCarve (eraser-like material)
Incredibly awesome hand-skills

Trace, rub onto block, use ball-pt pen to trace pattern, then carve, ink, and stamp :)

I'll be posting finished projects where I've used this "P" logo over and over ^_^

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